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Model JSB370

USB AC Monitor Module


The JSB370 USB Relay module monitors an AC input and reports the on/off status of the ac line, it can also turn on a relay based on the status ac monitor point. Each module has an unique serial number string which allows multiple USB devices to be controlled by the host USB controller as individual devices.


Relay AC Ratings: 20A @ 125VAC

Sample applications included

                              : 16A @ 240VAC

    Operating Temperature -30C to 70

Relay Max Voltage 110VDC  250VAC

    Self powered from USB

AC Input trip voltage 15V RMS

    Windows 2K/XP.Vista drivers

Isolation 2500VRMS

    USB test cable included

Turn on/off time 1ms

    Weight 6 oz

Relay Material Gold-clad silver alloy


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JSB370-01 USB AC Monitor Module 2 days $75.00


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JSB370 AC Monitor Mechanical Details (Click to view PDF)

Specifications subject to change without notice

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