WDT218 Watchdog Timer Module

It is a fact of life that a computer, hardware device or program may fail. To reduce the risk and possible damage a failure can cause, there is two possible methods (1) redundancy (2) watchdog timer. Neither method offer 100% protection, but both reduce risk or consequences of failure. Redundancy, a duplication of hardware is very expensive. On the other hand the WDT218 offers excellent protection at a very low cost. The host computer or application must communicate with the WDT218 by sending a message over the USB port. If the communication does not occur within that programmed time frame, the WDT218 will trigger four (4)relay to switch states based on pattern set by API and stored on-board eeprom. Also programmable is a relay pattern for power up and if/when a timeout occurs. Two delays are programmable, one enables the wdt time automatically when powered up and the delay is reached. The other will do an auto re-enable after a time out has occurred. This relay event can be used to trigger a warning device, turn on/off critical hardware or perform a system reset. Do you have a hardware or software application that is critical to keep running at all times? Our Watchdog modules offer excellent protection against malfunctions at a low cost. Our products can be used to monitor your critical hardware and software functions (Software and Hardware) and if an error occurs, the card automatically generates outputs that can be used to initiate corrective actions, generate alarms, or reboot your computer.
Single unit cost starts at USD$ 63.25
WDT218 Watchdog Timer Module
* USB controlled watchdog timer
* Programmable event time-out
* Re-enable time programmable
* API wdt reset
* Relay output change on time out
* High-Speed USB 2.0 device, USB 1.1 compatible
* Type B USB connector high-retention design
* All needed power drawn from USB port, no external power required for card
* Custom 32 and 64 bit Microsoft Windows drivers provided
* Info for linux and other OS support under software tab
* SPDT Relay ratings
DC Ratings 2A @ 30VDC
Contact Resistance: 200mOhm Max
Relay Closing Time: 10 milliseconds
Relay Releasing Time: 10 milliseconds
* Terminal Block wire size range 14 to 28 AWG
* Programmable values that saved to eeprom
Watchdog timer programmable from 100millisec to 60 minutes
Auto enable at power up programmable from 100millisec to 5 minutes
Auto re-enable programmable from 100millisec to 5 minutes
Relay pattern set at power up
Relay pattern when wdt is enabled
Relay pattern when time-out occurs
* Self Powered from USB (high power Hub)
*Operating Temperature: -20 to +70 C
*Storage Temperature: -40 to +105 C
*Humidity 5% to 90% RH, without condensation
Most of our customers write their own program for controlling our devices. With our provided API's you can use any programming language that supports DLL so you do not have to learn a whole new language. We provide two types of DLL api, first is the older standard DLL with both mangled calls and "C" calls. The second is the managed Class Library that supports all the new managed languages. Any programming language that supports calls to Windows DLL can also be used to control the cards. The software interface is easy to use from Visual Basic, Visual C# Visual C++ via a standard windows DLL with sample source included. Linux driver support CD available. Each module has an unique serial number string which allows multiple USB boards to be controlled by the host USB controller as individual USB devices. Click on blue tabs above to view other information about the module.
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*Open Connector pdf file (printable)
WDT218 WDT Pinout Dwg
*Open Mechanical pdf file (printable)
WDT218 WDT Mechanical Dwg
*Open Interface pdf file (printable)
*Open Interface pdf file (printable)
USB WDT Overview
jwControl Software Downloads
*Download jwControl CD V3.04 (10 Aug 2017) (zip file)
*Download Version History pdf (zip file)
This software replaces previous versions of module support software. It is a generic package that will provide support for all J-Works USB Modules. It is recommended that any new designs start with this package, and existing designs be moved over, if/when there is windows updates that require changes to the driver or API, the updates will only be made on jwControl CD. Also additional sample applications will be added to this CD only. There will be a larger number then normal revisions to this package, but most will not affect modules already supported, but is updates for modules not currently supported, or new samples. The Version History pdf outline changes
Labview Support
*Download Using Labview (pdf file)
Non-Windows OS Support (Linux and others)
*Download Using non-windows OS (pdf file)
Important readme about using dll with versions of windows .net Readme pdf
On some installations of Windows 7 and Windows 8 that are not configured to search the CD for drivers, it may show driver
not install and you need to do a manual install. If there is not yet a custom install under software downloads
you can download the pdf and zip of the generic install and copy your existing driver files from the CD, or do a manual install from PDF
Readme pdf
Generic install zip file
Before plugging module into the USB port, install driver as follows
1)Download jwControl software and exact from zip file
2)Run (double click) the batch file "DriverInstall.bat" in the top level of the software package
3)On some systems you may be asked if it is ok to run the program, click yes
4)On the welcome page dialog, click next to start install
5)When it completes done screen will be displayed, click finish
6)The module can now be plugged in, and green module led will come on
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Email: sales@j-works.com
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